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Who is MIC for?


At MIC cleaning services we understand that one of the hardest challenges seniors have is to keep their homes clean and tidy. Therefore, MIC cleaning services for seniors in London and surrounding areas, offer a convenient and affordable cleaning alternative to help seniors with those tasks that become harder as we age.

student standign with notebook

At MIC we have all the resources to help students to clean their homes while they focus on important school activities and spend more time in other tasks that contribute more to their personal development.

College life is often hectic with tight schedules between classes, homework, social life, clubs, sports, and maybe some sleep. As a result, life can get crazy and time becomes a luxury needed for the long to do list students have.


Hiring MIC cleaning services for families in London and surrounding areas will help you to have a clean, healthy house without the stress of setting time apart to clean it yourself and to avoid undesired conflicts that arise when everything at home looks messy.


Kathy was great, highly recommend her


She was very friendly, professional, and did an amazing job cleaning! 10/10 experience with Harmonique 😊


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