MIC Mission:

MIC’s mission is to make homeowners happy with our cleaning services while building sustainable careers and a source of income for single mothers.

About MIC

Mothers In Cleaning (MIC) is a social enterprise initiative part of Single Women In Motherhood (SWIM) MIC’s main goal is to provide job opportunities through its cleaning services to single mothers who want to find balance, self-fulfillment, and financial security.

Mothers In Cleaning (MIC) is committed to providing the most professional and thorough janitorial services in London, Ontario and surrounding areas. Our objective is to save you valuable time and to deliver a superior, professional, and attention-to-detail cleaning service.

Moreover, Mothers In Cleaning (MIC) professional cleaning maids, are trained to follow the industry standards and regulations, so they have the knowledge and experience needed to give you relevant janitorial solutions. Also, we are flexible to accommodate our cleaning services to your schedule or last-minute requests.

In addition to our outstanding cleaning services, we are devoted to protecting the earth and ensuring safety from all harmful chemicals by using eco-friendly cleaning products that reduce the impact on the health and well-being of our customers and their pets.

Our principles and social responsibility are to provide rewarding, sustainable careers for MIC cleaners, while assisting them in achieving a safe and secure future for themselves and their families. Moreover, MIC implements the best business practices in the cleaning industry while fostering social inclusion.

When you hire MIC’s professional services, you are contributing to expanding the social fabric of our society while creating job opportunities for single women in need.